Friday, 19 February 2016

MAKING PLANS and an error worth finding.

Hi there. A huge thanks to all 500 plus of you who downloaded Volume One of the Future Movers anthology.  I hope you enjoy my novellas and want to move on to Volume Two.  Meanwhile I've arranged a brand new cover for A Talent for Loving, and as this is the prequel to the whole series - and where The Future Movers all began, I thought it desired a new look.
I'll be uploading it to Amazon within the next week so it will be available as a single - a bit like a tasty starter course before the main meal.
A tip to those of you who enter competitions: Last week I sent off an entry and three days later decided to print it out. Disaster: a very wide right-hand margin and when I printed out the first page of the RTF file I just had a row of overprinted letters at the begininng of each line.  I checked the print preview on both documents and it looked perfect each time. I ran off the first page of other documents in the PC, all good. I tried copying  and pasting the prose into a new file and the error went with it!

I eventually retyped it, luckily only 3000 words, in a new file and have resubmitted it, with a covering note. There is no way the previous submission could be read as I sent the file as an RTF, thinking I was doing the right thing.

MORAL: Always print out the first page of anything you send off to a competition, just to be sure the file is not corrupted.
Here is the new cover, coming soon on Amazon.

Thanks to Annie Seaton for compiling this. Love it.

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