Saturday, 10 January 2015



Welcome to all my visitors. Secret Cravings authors are blessed to have such professional and efficient editors, not to mention the wonderful artists who create the covers for our e-books.

I have five romances published with Secret Cravings. They are set in the future with a touch of Sci.Fi and adventure. Haven't read Sci.Fi. before? Now is the time to dip your toes in the water.  It's fun and love is the same no matter what year it is: B.C., Victorian/Regency Times or in the future. Believe me!
On another page (labelled at the top in red as MY BOOKS) are my five romances, and my latest novella S.I.N. (Safety in Numbers). This is not a romance, but a story of woman with multi-personalities and how she copes with life.  It's on Kindle Unlimited: free to library members or only 99 cents. Try this one if you don't want Sci Fi.

My latest romance is called "Romancing the Memory Collector".

Leave a comment about my books, and you can go into the draw for a copy of one of my published books - your choice which one.

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