Wednesday, 9 January 2013


PUBLISHED TODAY 9TH JANUARY 2013 LOVE'S RED HEART (sequel to Love's Bright Star)


That night, as she did every night, she polished her memories of the day and stored them away for the future. Every detail recorded and filed, she silently called to Michael. I’m safe. Charlie will take me home. She hoped he heard her. Somewhere, out there under the same sky, slept the handsome Maori healer who’d stolen her heart. Would he get back to Alice Springs before she left? She wanted to tell him she didn’t care if he only wanted Maori genes, he might have to make do with chameleon ones instead because that’s what she had to offer...
She’d needed the time to think and the last ten days had convinced her. Whatever the risk; however much heartache it might cause, she had to give her heart the freedom it demanded to fall in love, or to simply fall. Above her, slipping through the stars, their longing for each other joined in the night sky, like two ribbons entwined a purple trail through the deep indigo blue.
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